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The Health Qigong African-Chinese Culture Exchange Event 2016


This event was organised jointly by the  Norwich Chinese Community and Norwich African Community , supported by the Norwich City Council and HQFUK, at  AEU Sports Park, Norwich on 17th October 2016, and successfully organised  as part of  the Black History month celebrations.  The VIPs attending were  Black History Month Chairman Abraham Eshatu and Sam Moon from Norwich City Council.  The event included traditional Chinese singing organised by The Norwich Chinese Community and African dancing lessons  organised by Norwich African Community, followed by a Ba Duan Jin training lesson  organised Health Qigong Federation UK.


There were over 40 people attending, from many different backgrounds in the local community, including all age ranges from  children to elderly,  students from schools and universities, white collar staff and disabled citizens.  This event was warmly welcomed and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  




Please also note the following events:


May 2017

Master Ligin Yang will be returning  to the UK and taking a second serieds of lectures and classes on 13 Step Qigong and Chen taiji.  Details to follow.  Please contact HQFUK for further info and to book places,  

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Health Qigong

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Federation UK

Health Qigong Federation UK was the first professional organisation in the UK fully recognised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and is a member of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). Health Qigong Federation UK (HQFUK) is an independent British non-profit organization, promoting, teaching Health Qigong as a form of fitness exercise and self-healing technique.

2016 Birmingham Culture
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The conference was attended by 33 countries from all over the world with 90 representatives.


The Chairman of Health Qigong Federation UK Dr Herman was appointed as the Chairman of the Promotion Committee of International Health Qigong Federation with committee members as follows:

Inauguration Conference of International Health Qigong Federation

Held in Hangzhou on 21 September, 2012

"Health Qigong originated from China but belongs to the World" said the Deputy Chairman of Chinese Health Qigong Association, Mr Huang Linghai.


Invited by Anglo-Chinese Sports and Chinese Culture Association and Health Qigong Federation UK, Mr Huang Linghai, Deputy Chairman of Chinese Health Qigong Association, lead the Chinese Health Qigong Delegation for a tour of UK between 20 Oct to 3 Nov 2008.


During this Health Qigong tour of 2008, the delegation visited London, Kent, Rochester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds and York. Mr Huang Linghai gave a

series of speeches and seminars on benefits of Health Qigong, with the team demonstrating and teaching Health Qigong. He said "Health Qigong originated from China but belongs to the World".


Mr Huang said that "Knowing the therapeutic benefits of Health Qigong, Health Qigong becomes a very popular exercise through out the county. In China, Health Qigong had become very popular not only in the past but in recent years. According to the research statistics which showed that there are over 600,000 people practising Health Qigong daily in 31 provinces and cities in China, with most people practising daily either in parks or in their back gardens. China State Sports Administration and Sports for All Federation of China recognised Health Qigong as one of the Traditional Sports Events. The Chinese Public Health Ministry recognised Health Qigong as one of the traditional Chinese therapies under the Traditional Chinese Medicines. After a few years' scientific research and experiment in China, four forms of Health Qigong being made simplified, to fit in the needs of modern life style with psychological and physiological needs of individual.


Mr Huang encouraging UK Health Qigong practitioner and the local residents to study and practice Health Qigong all year round to improve individual health".


Mr Huang praised Health Qigong Federation UK for having done a good job in promoting and developing Health Qigong in the UK. He said that the Chinese Health Qigong will fully support Health Qigong Federation UK and hope we can work as International partners to introduce Health Qigong as one of the traditional exercises and self healing therapy in the UK.


He looks forward to see the potential development of Health Qigong and hope UK Health Qigong team/s will join the World Health Qigong Tournament 2009 to be held in China.


Finally he commented that the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and London Olympic Games 2012 had established a link between two countries, he would like to see more people practising Health Qigong in the UK and Health Qigong will be a contribution towards a healthy life style in UK in general before or towards London Olympic Games 2012.

Chinese Health Qigong Delegation UK Tour

(20 Oct - 3 Nov 2008)


The British Health Qigong delegation attended the 1st Health Qigong Tournament at 4th Busan TAFISA World Sport For All Games taken place during 26 September to 2 October, 2008 in Busan, South Korea. It was the 1st International Health Qigong Tournament recognised as traditional sports by the TAFISA.


The Busan citizen's supporters welcome the arrival of the British team at the Busan Airport.


Mr Jacgues Rogge, the President of the IOC sent his warm welcome to the participants: "On behalf of IOC, I welcome all the participants in the 4th TreX-Games, held at Busan, the second biggest in Korea, from 26th September to 2nd October 2008. I wish for the best, for all those who come to join us. IOC thanks the support of over 10,000 participants from 100 nations and the continuous support from UNECSO and WHO. The TreX-Games, held at Busan next year, will greatly contribute to the well-beings of all those who love sports, and provide an ideal opportunity for reminding people of the value of sports, going beyond the boundaries of age and nationality. IOC acknowledges the importance of sports events, and expects TAFISA to faithfully fulfil their roles in realizing the aims of IOC. I wish the best for the organizing committee and all other participants."


The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea delivered the following speech: "First of all, please accept my warmest greeting as you successfully host the 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games in Busan, a renowned Sport for All festival in the world. Under the slogan of Harmony of Tradition and Future for the World Peace and Prosperity, a number of players from all over the world will introduce, compete and demonstrate their unique traditional sports in Busan this year. Further, Sport for All members as well as spectators will have the opportunity to experience the traditional sports of each nation themselves. This is a world sport culture festival. The psychological and physiological stresses coming from the pathological phenomena in the urban industrial societies seriously threaten the health of people worldwide. For such reason, a role of sports is important more and more. There is an increasing number of people that consistently look for Sport for All to compensate their lack of exercise, get rid of such stress, and finally enjoy a fruitful life. Thus, the government are also arranging a variety of Sport for All policies to increase the people's happiness and health and for the development of country. I hope that the Busan Games will be a trigger to boost Sport for All movement. For the first time in the history of the TAFISA Games, the Busan Games has the honour of receiving the official sponsorship of IOC, UNESCO, WHO. Because the traditional sports is an expression of national sentiments and motion as their unique identity and culture. While culture is handed over to the next generation with its old values preserved, the traditional sports of each nation is an on going cultural activity brought actively to life in their lives now. Through this festival, I expect that a variety traditional sports with cultural contents shall be broadly executed, which would provide an opportunity to develop the traditional sports suitable to this global sports arena. The Busan Games will be a great festival to improve the Sport For All movement and to develop the sports culture. I wish the 4th Busan TAFISA World for All Games with great success."


Prior to the competition, the Chinese Health Qigong Association organised a seminar and training sessions for the athletes to help them to improve their skills, techniques and performance.


There were athletes from 14 different countries of the world participated in the 1st International Health Qigong Tournament. .


The Health Qigong Federation UK held a dinner party in the Chinese Restaurant in UK to cerebrate the winning of Silver Medal to congratulate Anthony Childs of his achievement. Anthony Childs also is one of the first four qualified British Instructors for Health Qigong in UK. He will teach Health Qigong on behalf of Health Qigong Federation UK in Chislehurst Library from Saturday 8th November for a 6 weeks course from 2 pm to 4 pm. All Members and non-members are welcome to attend.

The 1st International Health Qigong Tournament at 4th Busan TAFISA World Sport For All Games - The British Team won the Silver Medal


Anthony Childs receiving his silver medal from the organizer of FATISA.  Member of the British team, Anthony Childs, won the Silver Medal in Ba Duan Jin in Men's individual competition


Silver Medal - Won by Anthony Childs, Britain.  The medallists receiving congratulations from the Chairman of HQFUK (Dr Herman Wang - far right).


Picture Gallery

Health Qigong Federation UK CHQA Visit 2016

HQFUK organised a delegation visit from the Chinese Health Qigong Association (Madame Gao Lan Jie, Master Mei Mosheng and Prof Wang Yan) – both the delegation and members enjoyed a very successful and popular  series of events, tours and seminars in May and June. Please see here for the event summary and here for the photos.


- Prof. Yang Bailong (Chinese Health Qigong Association)

- Prof. Daniel Millescamps (France)

- Ms Guan Dong Qing (Iceland)

- Mr Rajvir Singh (India)

- Ms Debbie Harvey-Smith (Ireland)

- Zhang Yusong (Japan)

- Mr Chen Zheng (Japan)

- Ms Nuria Leonelli (Spain)


The 1st Meeting of the Promotion Committee was held at Hanzhou and all members are very keen to contribute their ideas and energy to promotion Health Qigong world wide.


Heads of IHQF

Mr Chang Jianping

Madame Xao Min

Mr Chang Jianping

February 2016 Leaders Workshop Wudangshan

Master Chen Yuanhe from Wudangshan Daoism Assocn

Chinese Arts & Culture Show - Birmingham June 2016


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