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A message from Dr. Herman Wang, Chairman of the

Health Qigong Federation UK

Dr Herman Wang

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Dear Members and Friends of Health Qigong,

The Chinese Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in 2022 has opened a new beginning for us to practice Health Qigong. Starting from the Traditional Chinese "solar terms", spring is the best season of the year, which is the golden time for us to start healthcare and fitness practices.
At present, the Covid-19 Epidemic is still spreading around the world. The cold, damp and stormy winter is still a popular season for the spread out of the Covid-19 virus in the UK. The pandemic is around the corner and we still need take a special care for ourselves. The experience of countries around the world in fighting the Covid-19 virus for more than two years has proved that on the basis of vaccination, the best of the preventive measures are to strengthen the body, enrich the nutrition, live a regular daily lifestyle, enjoy the spirit, maintain social distance, and improve your own immunity.  Let’s take active actions and participate in the systematic study, teaching, and practice of Health Qigong, and let the "three-in-one" method of Health Qigong continue to help us survive the epidemic period of time safely.

The Health Qigong Federation UK(HQFUK) is the one earliest professional organization of Health Qigong registered in the United Kingdom. Since 2005, HQFUK has actively promoted and introduced the ancient traditional Chinese health care method - Health Qigong into the British society.  With the support, we have persistently popularized and popularized Health Qigong throughout the UK, and organized numerous performances, teachings, lectures, trainings, exhibitions, exchanges, scientific research and dan examinations of various scales and other activities, which promoted the popularity of traditional Chinese Health Qigong in the UK even helped the development of Health Qigong in Europe. HQFUK has also cultivated a series of various types of Health Qigong talents, initially established the organization and system of the Health Qigong Federation UK, and made contributions to the British and international Health Qigong development.
The Health Qigong Federation UK is one of the 125 international group members of the International Health Qigong Federation. It regularly maintains close contact with the International Health Qigong Federation and national Health Qigong organizations through various and professional channels, and leads the Health Qigong Federation UK, Members participate in various international Health Qigong activities.

Since the establishment of the Health Qigong Federation UK, through the channels of sports and cultural exchanges between the UK and China, taking advantage of the opportunities of the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Summer Olympics, and cooperating with many cities and non-governmental organizations in China and the UK, a variety of international Health Qigong exchanges have been carried out.  HQFUK also assisted the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Chinese Health Qigong Association to promote Health Qigong as the “China House" for the 2012 London Olympic Games, which was well received by the heads of the Olympic committees of many countries.

During the outbreak of the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic in the past two years, all members of the Health Qigong Federation UK took the initiative to study the anti-epidemic methods and treatment plans of various countries, and timely learned from Wuhan’s experiences, in China, and recommended Health Qigong Baduanjin to “Fangcang” Hospital as a  since March 2020, the experiences of assisting rehabilitation treatment methods has persistently held a series of lectures on "Health Qigong, Assisting Anti-Epidemic", a health Qigong rehabilitation lecture on how to prevent and treat the Covid-19, and organized Health Qigong teaching activities on the Internet and Zoom platforms.  So far, many of our members and friends of Health Qigong Federation UK have benefited from above.

The Health Qigong Federation UK is a non-profit professional organization registered in the UK. It aims to popularize Chinese traditional culture, sports and health  care techniques as the treasures. HQFUK is hoped that Health Qigong originated from China, but should be benefiting the British people together!

Under the epidemic situation, if you are looking for an effective way of self-health care and disease prevention, please join our family of Health Qigong Federation UK, I believe you will benefit for a lifetime!

"Health Qigong originated comes from China and belongs to the world!"

Herman Wang
Chairman of the Health Qigong Federation UK
Executive Committee Board Member of the International Health Qiqong Federation

Dear HQFUK members and friends




HQFUK were very pleased to orgaise and take part in two events for the frst ever World Health Qigong Day - both were well attended and very successful.  All around the world events were taking place celebrating the very many benefits qigong brings.


First was a joint event with organised with the Confucius Inst. for TCM at London South Bank University  in London International Qigong Ctr giving talks on  on benefits of health qigong and TCM, with aQ+A, demonstration and training in Da Wu form


The second event was a jointly organised event

with Colchester Chinese Culture Society in  Clacton-on-Sea involving a Health Qigong Demo, training and celebration  meal  .


We look forward to next years World Health Day!  

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Federation UK

Health Qigong Federation UK was the first professional organisation in the UK fully recognised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and is a member of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). Health Qigong Federation UK (HQFUK) is an independent British non-profit organization, promoting, teaching Health Qigong as a form of fitness exercise and self-healing technique.

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