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Health Qigong

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Federation UK

Health Qigong Federation UK was the first professional organisation in the UK fully recognised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) and is a member of the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF). Health Qigong Federation UK (HQFUK) is an independent British non-profit organization, promoting, teaching Health Qigong as a form of fitness exercise and self-healing technique.

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Instructor Training


Are you interested in promoting Health Qigong? Would you like to become part of our instructors' team? If so you can consider to learn Health Qigong and to teach it.


Basic requirements are as follows -


1)First of all you need to be a member of our Federation

2)You must already be familiar with Health Qigong or Taiji Quan

3)Preferably already been teaching any form of martial art for at least 1 year


Candidates will be selected from all applicants.


Classes are taught by fully qualified Health Qigong instructors either by HQFUK, CHQA and IHQF.


Upon successful passing of the exam and obtaining Level 1 you commit to teach at least 1 class per month under our Federation.


Further information is available on request.